Stack Glass

Stacked glass is a type of sculpture where strips of transparent medium are cut in particular shape and then attached over each other by gluing. When layered over, transparent pieces create a unique look and the flow of light. Edges of the individual pieces then treated to match exactly on the external side of your stacked glass paneling.
Sometimes used as wall decor or fountain feature, stacked glass creates unforgettable impression!
Connected together by pressure of weight layers are usually pretty stable when connected with adhesive. Usually specialty glue is used for this process that allows strips to be adjusted for some time, allowing craftsmen to situate the layer exactly as needed. The glue is then being hardened by applying special UV light. Layers are then bonded with care to eliminate any visible adhesive. Once hardened it cannot be moved again and becomes part of the stacked glass installation.

Varieties of surfaces on the edges of stacked glass sculpture can be created. Some artisan choose to stack the layers in waved pattern by tapping the surface with a tool and creating waves on the finishing. By overlaying them in different ways styles of patterns and designs of stacked glass walls can be created. Other craftsman achieve amazing results by inserting light into the transparent walls or using textured walls for water features.
When the architectural design requires tall structures or stripes are too narrow, it becomes practical and advisable to use metal rods inside the paneling. This will add structural support and can be incorporated as part of the design.


With the ability to cut strips by machine with fine precision came the possibility to create different objects and forms. Many hospitality designers like incorporating elements out of stacked glass into exterior design accents. Our design team have created very complex objects including sculptures of animals and elements of nature.


Our artisans are following the trend of the recent years, where a new style of sculpture became popular; craftsman would use more precise water jet cutting machines for creating precise layering, resulting in creation of amazing 3-dimensional sculptures and architectural elements. New machinery allows much more refined polishing of the sides, allowing creation of a sphere made out of layers of glass. Polished to perfection it has absolutely smooth transitions on the sides between the layers.


Depending on the style and quality of initial product, when layered together, glass will change opacity. Since light will need to travel through many surfaces it will change the overall look of the wall to greenish. Normally any window would have greenish hue in it, but since now we are adding them together that coloring gets multiplied resulting in exposure of green. If you are particular about having your paneling completely white and clear transparent in look, we would recommend using starfire or diamond glass that has less iron.
Our products can be created in partially assembled segments to reduce overall weight and then assembled into complete installation on site. Having achieved industry awards for stacked glass installations, Palace of Glass is a reliable source for your stacked glass project.