Our works is equipped with state -of -the -art machinery with latest technology, at each stage of the manufacturing process, which in turn is the key factor in delivering quality products in least the possible time and in a cost competitive manner. Our infrastructure also enables us to provide best of the class service to our customers.Huge warehouse spared over 40000 sq.ft with overhead crane facility to store & handle large quantities of raw glass to enable ready availability of stocks for processing
Automatic Glass cutting line from intrmac Italy. Capable of cutting glass in any shape with high speed & perfection.
Single edge & double edge polishing machines
Drilling machine.
Glass washing machine
Tempering Furnace from north glass. Our Furnace is capable of processing all types of glass including the most sophisticated coated glass available In India today. It is one of the most advanced glass tempering furnace available today .

CNC Cutting Machine:

To cut the glasses in exact sizes ,as per customers’ requirement.


Edge Grinding:

Equipped double edger and Vertical single edging machine, in addition to cross belt grinders, to provide best possible edge finish in large volume to our ensure quality with time commitment to our customers.


Washing Machines:

Enabled with hi tech washing machines, capable of washing Soft Coat glasses and thus enables us to provide glasses with best surface finish possible.


Horizontal Tempering Furnace(flat and bend):

Sophisticated ‘Forced Convection Furnace’ capable of doing soft coat glasses and delivers best quality in terms of optical properties be it distortion or strength and fragmentation. It can do make flat as well as curved tempered glasses.


Insulated Glass Line:

One of the best IGU lines in the world to manufacture all possible combinations, as per customers’ demand.


Our Plants And Machineries

  • Fully automatic Tempering Plant on the base of Low-e-glass
  • PVB Laminating Line With Autoclave
  • Double Glazed Insulating Glass Line
  • Ceramic Frit Line
  • Double Edgers
  • CNC Controlled Drilling Machines
  • CNC Controlled Cutting Machines
  • Sophisticated Testing Facilities
  • Many Other Preprocessing Machine
  • Ceramic Coating Facilities

Glass Handling Equipments

  • 2 handling equipments
  • One between de-airing & autoclave
  • Second one at Robotic Line
  • Both can handle 750kg
Direct / Indirect advantage to customers :
    • Faster & safe movement of glass
    • Employee safety
    • Speedy production
Demineralization plant:
    • In house DM plant
    • Water with low conductivity
    • No dissolved solutes stay on glass
Direct / indirect advantages to customers
  • t protects from coating damage especially in high performance low e glasses such as SKN / KT series
  • Reduces internal work order thus helping in speedy production
  • Excellent on aesthetics
RO plant
  • Capacity of 1kilo ltr / hr

We have the highest quality control certification (ISO-9001:2008) and system in place to ensure that all processes, including cutting, edge polishing, toughening, laminating, insulating shape cutting, beveling, bending etc, are3 streamlined and consistent. Not only does the ensure that you receive only the finest quality product from us, but also promise you properly tested product and the best of service.

Direct / Indirect advantage to customers :
    • Meets water processing requirement of the plant
    • Uninterrupted production
    • Caterpillar DG set of capacity of 380KVA & 83KVA
    • Uninterrupted power supply
  • 2 Compressors out of which one acts as back up for the other
  • Uninterrupted production
EOT Cranes :
  • 1 crane
  • One with 3T capacity for smooth loading & unloading
  • Speedy production
  • Safer atmosphere for worker.
Other facilities :
  • Ceramic Fritting, Argon Gas Filling, EVA Lamination, Acid Etching, Sand Blasting, Bevelling and all other glass processing facilities.
Types of testing facilities
  • Impact test
  • Fragmentation test
  • Bend measurement
  • Warpage measurement
  • Visual inspection by zebra lines
  • Shore A test
  • Airgap test
  • Delta T test
  • Pot life test
  • Butterfly test
  • Dew drop test
  • Boil test
  • UV test
  • Pummel bag test
  • Ball drop test