Deep Etched Glass


Deep Acid Etched Glass Detail

Deep Acid etched glass has been treated with hydrofluoric acid to produce a matte surface finish on the surfaces of the float glass. The constancy and durability of the finish can shrink glare and reflection, attach privacy, increase light diffusion and offer texture. Because the surface of the glass has been chemically-created, the finish is extremely durable, and can not be washed or scratched off. Often, this is referred to as “fingerprint proof” or “smudge proof” glass because of its durability withstand oils, moisture, and humidity while still retaining the frosted appearance. Different levels of opacity can be achieved by treating the “depth” of the etching. (deeper etching creates more opacity). Options of patterns, tints, and limitless color are all possible. This product can be back-painted as well, for a colorful matte finish. Deep acid-etched glass is becoming fashionable in design and construction.

Deep Acid Etched Glass Advantages

• Easy to maintain, with the durability of safety glass.
• Auto grade clear float glass. It can be laminated to colored float glass or with a colored interlayer for various effects.
• Customized size and pattern.
• Permanent finish that will never degrade or fade over time.
• The matte finish reduces glare, allowing for the practicality of glass, even in high-glare interiors.
• Fingerprints won’t show like on other glossy materials.
• Moisture or natural oils won’t remove the finish.
• It can be tempered – allowing for use in shower enclosures, railings, and furniture.
• It can also be back-painted, silvered for beautiful additional effects.