Ceramic Printed Glass

Ceramic Printed Glass

Ceramic Printed Glass is made by printing screen a layer of ceramic material on annealed glass before tempering or heat strengthening. After tempering or heat strengthening the layer of ceramic frit is heat bonded to glass surface making it resistant to chipping and peeling. In addition to its decorative effects  Ceramic Printed also has outstanding mechanical features and impact resistance property as it is tempered or heat strengthened. Colour and patterns can be customer designed.



Various Colour and Graphic choices – Ceramic glass offers variety in colour and graphics which could also be custom made to meet designing needs as well as create particularly of space design.

Anti Glare – The partial printing of ceramic glass reduces glare.

Subduing westerly or direct sunlight- The sequential partial printing of ceramic glass sub dues westerly or direct sunlight.

Safety – Ceramic is tempered to improve safety.

Durable, scratch proof, moisture resistant –Ceramic Glass is more durable, scratch proof, moisture resistant than ordinary colour printed glass.